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All divorce proceedings involving children can prove frustrating and stressful. This is especially true for Christian families that often find it difficult to reconcile their faith with their divorce. It is important to remember that both parents can continue to play a significant role in the raising of their children even after being separated. When both parents negotiate amicably, they may share in the upbringing of their children.

For more than 15 years, the experienced Christian family law attorneys at Steele Law P.C. have provided a strong support structure for clients who are going through some of the most turbulent times in their lives. If you are struggling with divorce and child custody issues, our legal team has the knowledge, the expertise and the right values to assist you. Please contact us for a consultation and case evaluation.

Conservatorship and Possession and Access

Under Texas Law, child custody issues are divided into two different categories: conservatorship and possession and access.

  • Conservatorship: With regard to custody issues in Texas, conservatorship involves the rights and duties of parents to make decisions for the child. The parent with sole managing conservatorship is the one who makes decisions involving schooling, medical care and other important issues. When the parents share responsibility for making important decisions, it is called joint managing conservatorship.
  • Possession and access: Physical custody of children and visitation rights is called possession and access. There are two statutory possession and access schedules in Texas: standard and extended standard. The court will review the desires of the parents and what is best for the children. When both parents want joint custody, the time spent with each parent may be divided evenly.

You Will Need a Parenting Plan

Every case in Texas involving children requires a parenting plan. This plan will set in place the rights and duties of each parent in relation to the child. These rights may include designation of primary residence, decisions regarding the child's health care, the education, health insurance and child support.

When Custody is Decided

Temporary possession and access rights are often decided by an agreement between the parents or by an order of the court. The permanent decision is typically made in either the final decree of divorce or in the Order in Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship. However, the permanent decision can be later modified if:

  • Both parents agree
  • The child is 12 years old or older and informs the court that he wants to adjust his custody
  • The person with primary custody relinquishes care and possession of the child for at least six months or
  • There has been a significant change in the circumstances of either the parents, the child or other significant party.

Benefits of Joint Custody

There are a number of benefits for parents and children that come from sharing parenting time. First and foremost, living in both households allows children to maintain strong, healthy relationships with both parents. They are free to love both their parents and have access to them both without fear of losing either. Children benefit immensely when there is no drawn-out legal process. When parents work out their differences, they serve as good role models for their children. Joint custody lessens the sense of loss and rejection children of divorce tend to feel normally. It is important that both parents provide the discipline and structure children need so children don't pit one parent against another or favor one over the other.

Handling Custody Issues the Right Way

It is important to keep a calm head and to remember that family matters can and should be resolved in a peaceful manner. Vengeful and malicious tactics have no place in child custody matters and what's best for the child is what's best for the family. There is a resolution for your situation that will benefit your family and the future of your children.

At Steele Law, P.C. our clients are like family to us. While we are a law firm based on Christian values, we acknowledge the value of all spiritual beliefs and are respectful of the diversity in the clients' religious and moral values. We believe that this caring approach plays a significant role in the success of legal action. Please contact us at (214) 333-4357 to schedule your consultation.

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